anyRemote-LIRC (experimental and outdated)

anyRemote-LIRC is a python script which can be used as bridge between anyRemote java client and LIRC. It works as subordinate LIRC server and translates events from java client to LIRC.

Note: anyRemote and anyRemote GUI's is not used with anyRemote-LIRC

A Short How-To

Download generic config file.

Be sure You have correct $HOME/.lircrc or /etc/lircrc file (it must be compatible with generic config file).

Upload java client to the phone.

Run anyRemote-LIRC:

anyremote-lirc -c 19 -l 5051

Run lircd daemon:

lircd -c localhost:5051 [-P /tmp/ ] [-L /tmp/lircd.log -n ] \

Run search in java client and connect to anyRemote-LIRC.