Which mode to choose ?

anyRemote can be used in two modes:

As Server by BT, IR, Wi-Fi or GPRS connection

It will be able to accept incoming connection through Bluetooth connection from JSR-82-capabled phone or from network. This is called "Server-mode".

In addition it is possible to use anyRemote2http package to organize web interface for anyRemote. With help of this interface any device which contains web browser and can connect to PC with anyRemote by TCP/IP (GPRS, Wi-Fi, ...) could be used as remote control.

If anyRemote works as server with BT connection it can emulate to some extent Bemused server.

As Client by BT, IR or cable connection

It will connect through Bluetooth or IR or cable to the phone (which could be not-JSR82-capabled) and will use AT "modem" commands to manage the phone. This is called "AT-mode". In this case phone should support event-reporting feature.