Web Interface

To use anyRemote with any device which contains web browser and which can connect to PC by TCP/IP (GPRS, Wi-Fi, ...) it is possible to use built-in web interface.

On WinMobile devices it is recomended to use Opera Mobile instead of MS IE, because Opera Mobile handles HTTP caching directives more correctly.

Short How-To

To run web interface you have to:

For example:

anyremote -f /path/to/some/cfg.file -s web:5198

Variables used by web interface


[only by web interface] This variable should be set to minimal value of width and heigth of device screen size. Default value is 240.



[only by web and XML services interfaces] This variable to automatically refresh page. Refresh rate should be specified in seconds. Default value is -1 that means no refresh.


Protocol support status

Web interface supports only subset of Set()/Get() commands. The following commands are not supported and will be skipped by Web interface

Set(filemanager, ...)
Set(fullscreen, ...)
Set(parameter, ...) (except  icon_padding parameter)
Set(repaint, ...)
Set(vibrate, ...)

Command Set(iconlist, ...) interpreted as Set(list, ...)