Web Interface

To use anyRemote with any device which contains web browser and which can connect to PC by TCP/IP (GPRS, Wi-Fi, ...) it is possible to use built-in web interface.

This feature replaces previously existed anyremote2html package.

On WinMobile devices it is recomended to use Opera Mobile instead of MS IE, because Opera Mobile handles HTTP caching directives more correctly.

Short How-To

To run web interface you have to:

For example:

anyremote -f /path/to/some/cfg.file -s web:5198

Variables used by web interface


[only by web interface] This variable should be set to minimal value of width and heigth of device screen size. Default value is 240.



[only by web and XML services interfaces] This variable to automatically refresh page. Refresh rate should be specified in seconds. Default value is -1 that means no refresh.


Protocol support status

Web interface supports only subset of Set()/Get() commands. The following commands are not supported and will be skipped by Web interface

Set(filemanager, ...)
Set(fullscreen, ...)
Set(parameter, ...) (except  icon_padding parameter)
Set(repaint, ...)
Set(vibrate, ...)

Command Set(iconlist, ...) interpreted as Set(list, ...)