XML Services Interface

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It is possible to use anyRemote with Cisco (TM) IP Phones through XML Services Interface.

Note: This page does not describe how to configure Cisco (TM) IP Phones. Please use Cisco offical site or google around XMLDefault.cnf.xml string.

Short How-To

To run XML services interface you need to do:

- Add line


to the file XMLDefault.cnf.xml or SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX.cnf.xml (where XXXXXXXXXXXX is MAC address of the Cicso IP phone and is IP address and port of the computer with anyRemote).

- Reboot the IP phone.

- Configure anyRemote:

For example:

anyremote -f /path/to/some/cfg.file -s cmxml:5197

Of cource it is possible to change port 5197 to any other.

Variables used by XML services interface


[only by Web and XML services interfaces] This variable to automatically refresh page. Refresh rate should be specified in seconds. Default value is -1 that means no refresh.



[only by XML services interface] This variable defines IP address of computer with anyRemote, which will be used in XML replyes. Default value determined by command

/sbin/ifconfig|grep 'inet addr'|cut -f 2 -d ':'|cut -f 1 -d ' '|grep -v|head -1

(Init)=Make(var,IpAddr,/sbin/ifconfig|grep 'inet addr'|\
	cut -f 2 -d ':'|cut -f 1 -d ' '|grep -v|head -1)

Protocol support status

XML services interface supports only subset of Set()/Get() commands. The following commands are not supported and will be skipped by XML services interface

Set(status, ...)
Set(filemanager, ...)
Set(fullscreen, ...)
Set(parameter, ...)
Set(repaint, ...)
Set(vibrate, ...)

Other limitations

Command Set(iconlist, ...) interpreted as Set(list, ...)

Set(list, ...) command can not contains more than 99 items.

All string items used in Set(title, ...), Set(list, ...) and Set(menu, ...) commands are stripped to 32 characters.

Command Set(editfield ...) supports only Ok and Back menu items.

Support of national alphabets depends of IP phones firmware.