Setup anyRemote to work in Server mode

You need to install anyRemote client on Your phone.

If You have Android phone, it needs to upload *.apk file to it.

If You have J2ME phone, it is possible to use

Supported hardware

Cell phones known to work:

Cell phones known not to work:

Some phone-specific details described here.

Starting anyRemote

Bluetooth connection

Network connection

anyRemote can accept incoming connection from network, so if You start it with -s tcp:5197 command line option it will be possible to connect to anyRemote from phone through GPRS or Wi-Fi connection.

anyremote -f .../some_cfg_file.cfg -s tcp:5197

You can choose another port then 5197.

If You plan to connect to anyRemote through network, then it needs to manually specify address to connect in the client. It should be in form socket://_your_ip_address_:_port_. Be sure You have run anyRemote with -s tcp:_port_ in this case.

IR connection

anyRemote can work through IR connection if java realization in cell phone support access to IR port. In this case start anyRemote with -s local:/dev/ircommX command line option, where /dev/ircommX is device corresponding to IR adapter of PC.

anyremote -f .../some_cfg_file.cfg -s local:/dev/ircomm0

If java realization in cell phone supports access to IR port, then after search process there will be found peer with name like comm:IR0