Tested devices

anyRemote is known to work with with the following phones:

Manufacturer Model Server mode AT-mode
Bluetooth Wi-Fi Bluetooth
Asus P535 no yes N/A
BenqSiemens E71, EL71 N/A no yes
BenqSiemens S68 yes no yes
BlackBerry Javelin 8900 yes no yes
HTC Wildfire yes yes N/A
HTC 3450, TyTN no yes N/A
LG KC910, GS500 yes no N/A
Motorola A1200, E770v, L7, V360, V3xx yes no N/A
Motorola L6,V3i yes no yes
Motorola V500 no no yes
Motorola E2, V551 N/A no yes
Motorola K1m N/A no yes
Motorola KRZR K1,RIZR Z3 yes no yes
Motorola V6 N/A no yes
Nokia 5500 Sport,6111,6288 yes no no
Nokia 2630,3500 Classic yes no no
Nokia 5200,5230,5300,5310,5610 yes no no
Nokia 5530,5800XM yes no no
Nokia 6021,6085,6103,6120 Classic yes no no
Nokia 6131,6151,6230i,6233,6234,6270,6280 yes no no
Nokia 6300,6303 classic,6500,6600,6630,7610,7900 Prism yes no no
Nokia 7210 Supernova yes no no
Nokia E51 N/A yes no
Nokia E61,E71,N82 yes yes no
Nokia E60,E65,E70,E72,E75 yes N/A no
Nokia N70,N80,N95,9500 yes N/A no
Nokia N8,N97 mini yes N/A no
Nokia C5-00 5MP, X3-02 yes N/A no
Sagem myX6-2 no no yes
Sagem my401X N/A no yes
Sagem my501c no no yes
Sagem my700Xi no no yes
Samsung Galaxy Mini (S5570), Galaxy S (GT-I9000) yes yes N/A
Samsung SGH-D900,SGH-E590,SGH-F480,SGH-L870 yes no N/A
Samsung SGH-G600,SGH-U600,GT-S8000,S5230W yes no N/A
Samsung GT-B2710,GT-S6102,S7220 yes N/A no
Siemens S55,CX75 no no yes
Siemens S65 yes no yes
Siemens SL75 yes no N/A
SonyEricsson K700 no no yes
SonyEricsson K510i N/A no N/A
SonyEricsson S700i no no yes
SonyEricsson K750 yes no yes
SonyEricsson G705 yes no yes
SonyEricsson D750i, K320i,K770i,K800i,K810i,V640i yes no N/A
SonyEricsson W300i,W610i,W810i,W880i,Z550i yes no N/A
SonyEricsson P1i,P910i,W950i,W960i,W980i yes N/A no

In addition anyRemote is known to work with with the following devices:

anyRemote should also work with other bluetooth/Wi-Fi-enabled devices:

Some phone-specific details described here.

Cell phones known not to work: