Phone-specific details





Sagem phones uses different keycodes for numeric button. For example pressing button 1 returns keycode 48 (other phones returns keycode 1). This is correctly handled by examples. Just be informed.


Motorola-L6, V3i

Seems this models have font of only one size. As a result commands Set(font,...), Set(text,font,...) and Set(list,font,...) will not work. On V3i caption of screen is not shown in non-fullscreen mode.

Nokia-5530, Nokia-5800 XpressMusic

It was reported what J2ME client did not works with original firware and works (except touchscreen support) with updated firmvare v. 9

Nokia-6021, 6230i (possibly other old models from Series40)

It is impossible to upload JAR files using OBEX to some old Nokia Series40 phones. It needs to use Gammu or Nokia tool suite.

Nokia-6021, 6111 (possibly all Series40)

There could be situations when screen is not repainted and remains white. Try to use "fix_nokia_repaint" parameter.If it does not helps then it is possible use to redraw screen with pressing joystick down or keys 1 or 3.

If push joystick does not work it is possible to set "fix_nokia_push" parameter to "on". In any case it is possible to use Green button instead of push joystick in main screen of J2ME client.

On 6111 sometimes "Incorrect application. Delete?" message could arise on startup of J2ME client. Just go out to upper menu level and then descend back.

Nokia-6288 (possibly all Nokia phones)

There could be situations when J2ME client crashes. In general this happens if large amount of data (~30Kbytes) was sent to the phone by Set(text ...) or Set(image ...) commands. Update J2ME client to v4.10 or newer. If problem remains try to use different values of read_method parameter.


Some keys on keypad are not detected. Seems this is limitations of Java realization.

There could be situations when "Exit" menu item is absent in main screen. It is possible to set "fix_nokia_exit_btn" parameter to "on" to fix that if non-fullscreen mode is used (could be useful for other Series 60 phones).


This phone contains the worst Java realization i've ever seen. Autoscrolling of long lines in list screen and file manager screen will not work. Control (main) screen will not support autoscrolling of title field. If You plan to upload icons to the phone it needs to convert them previously by Pngout utility. Siemens-S65 could not handle icons created with other tools (for example Gimp) correctly. Run Pngout utility with "-c6" option.

If You use other Siemens/BenqSiemens phone in Server mode try to set "fix_siemens" parameter to "on" if something goes wrong with J2ME client.


Something strange was discovered in realization of flushGraphics()/4 in this phone. Issue is handled inside J2ME client for K750. If You run J2ME client on other SonyEricsson phone and encounter some issues with redrawing autoscrolled lines, then try to set fix_se parameter to "on". If it does not help try to set full_repaint parameter to "on".


It was reported about crashes of J2ME client on this model.


In E780 user manual it is written what it supports JSR-82. But it was proven what all of JSR-82 java classes are absent in firmware. As a result E780 in fact does not supports JSR-82.


In this phone JSR-82 java classes are present in firmware. But J2ME client hangs on LocalDevice.getLocalDevice() method. Moreover if address of PC was specified directly as btspp://_bt_addr_:_port_, then the following error message openConnection Exception java.lang.SecurityException. Required permission does not exists. Check JSI arises. There were found no way to overcome that security limitations.

Samsung-SGH-D900i, SGH-E840

J2ME client throws security exception similar to X820


The upload of images or large amount of data is very slow (about 200 bytes per second).


Please use Answer (Green) button instead of central joystick button.

WinMobile devices: Asus-P535, HTC-TyTN, P3450

It is possible to use J2ME client (version without JSR-82) on WinMobile devices with installed Esmertec's Jeodek (this is the best variant).

Also it is possible to use J2ME client (version without JSR-82) on WinMobile devices with installed Esmertec's JBed. But in this case there are exist a couple of serious issues.