Supported applications (Server mode)

You can find some predefined configuration files in cfg-data/Server-mode directory:

all-in-one.cfga kind of "mega-example" (Xmms, KPlayer, Digikam, TVtime, Web-Streams, keyboard and mouse emulation at once)
all-in-one2.cfganother "mega-example"
alsaplayer.cfgmanage AlsaPlayer (you have to create playlist before).
amarok.cfgmanage Amarok/KDE4 player.
amarok-v4.cfgmanage Amarok/KDE4 player. Improved track list handling.
amixer.cfgControls volume up/dowm/mute using amixer utility.
aqualung.cfgmanage Aqualung audio player
atril.cfgmanage Atril document viewer
audacious.cfgmanage Audacious player; needs v1.3.2 or higher
banshee.cfgmanage Banshee player
boxee.cfgmanage Boxee media center.
comix.cfgmanage Comix picture viewer
clementine.cfgmanage Clementine audio player
cmus.cfgmanage Cmus audio player
decibel.cfgmanage Decibel audio player
deadbeef.cfgmanage DeaDBeeF audio player
djview.cfgmanage DjView - DjVu viewer
digikam.cfgmanage Digikam/KDE4 - photo management application
dragon.cfgmanage Dragon player
exaile.cfgmanage Exaile player
evince.cfgmanage Evince document viewer
eog.cfgmanage Eye of Gnome image viewer
eom.cfgmanage Eye of Mate image viewer
foobnix.cfgmanage Foobnix player.
freevo.cfgmanage Freevo home theatre PC platform
gmusicbrowser.cfgmanage Gmusicbrowser player (you have to create play list before).
gpicview.cfgmanage GPicView
gthumb.cfgmanage gThumb
gwenview.cfgmanage Gwenview/KDE4
guayadeque.cfgmanage Guayadeque player.
impress.cfgmanage Libre Office or Open Office Impress
impressive.cfgmanage Impressive (former KeyJnote) document viewer
juk.cfgmanage JuK/KDE4 player.
kaffeine.cfgmanage Kaffeine player (you have to create play list before).
kdetv.cfgmanage Kdetv.
kmplayer.cfgmanage KMPlayer
kplayer.cfgmanage KPlayer (you have to create play list before).
kscd.cfgmanage Kscd/KDE4
listen.cfgmanage Listen player.
mediacenter.cfgone more "mega-example"
miro.cfgmanage Miro video player.
moc.cfgmanage Moc (music on console) player. (you have to create play list before).
mouse.cfgmouse emulation.
mpd.cfgmanage MPD player; need MPC client installed (you have to run MPD and create play list before).
moovida.cfgmanage Moovida (former Elisa) media center
mplayer.cfgmanage MPlayer player
mpris.cfgmanage MPRIS-compatible players
myth-tv.cfgmanage MythTV
okular.cfgmanage Okular, a universal document viewer
qmmp.cfgmanage QMMP audio-player
quodlibet.cfgmanage Quod Libet player
rhythmbox.cfgmanage Rhythmbox player
smplayer.cfgmanage Smplayer player
totem.cfgmanage Totem player.
tvtime.cfgmanage Tvtime.
vlc.cfgmanage VLC player.
xbmc.cfgmanage XBMC media center
xine.cfgmanage Xine player
xmms2.cfgmanage Xmms2 player

Configuration file examples: Server mode

In addition to the list above, You can find some configuration files examples in cfg-data/Server-mode directory:

autolock.cfgautolock of display example
exampleIcons.cfgexample of main screen customization.
exampleFons.cfgexample of main screen font customization.
exampleLayout.cfgexample of main screen icon layout customization.
exampleList.cfgexample of list screen usage.
exampleModes.cfgexample of modes usage.
exampleText.cfgexample of text screen usage.
fileManager.cfgbrowsing directory structure with basic file operations
fileManager2.cfgbrowsing directory structure with basic file operations; looks like MC
fileManager3.cfgbrowsing directory structure with basic file operations; similar to fileManager.cfg
iconUpload.cfgallows to upload 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64 and 128x128 PNG icons to the phone.
imageViewer.cfgallows to view images from PC on the phone screen.
kdialog.cfgjust show key pressed on popup window.
keyboard.cfgemulates some useful keyboard keys.
keyboard-mouse.cfgconfiguration file for mouse and keyboard emulation
layoutSetup.cfgMain screen icon size and icon padding customization.
winManager.cfga "window manager". Shows screen of PC on the screen of the cell phone.
wmctrl.cfguse WmCtrl to manage windows

All examples have on-screen help binded to "* *" (press "*" two times).

After investigation of these configuration files You'll become more familiar with its format.