Set(filemanager ... ) command

Note: Supported in J2ME client only

File manager This command is used to show the file manager screen.



Command Set(filemanager,add|replace ...) used to add or replace content of left/right panels of file manager screen.

3=ExecAndSet(filemanager,add,left,ls -F --quoting-style=shell)

Command Set(filemanager,select,left|right,_index_) moves cursor to element with specified index.


Command Set(filemanager,show) used to show file manager screen.


Note: file manager screen will be shown automatically after Set(filemanager,add|replace ....) command.

Command Set(filemanager,close) used to file manager screen. If it is closed, then main window of the client will be shown.


There are several things which needs to be pointed out:

Autoscrolling of long lines

If a file name is too long to be shown in full, it will be autoscrolled when it will be under cursor. It it possible to switch on/off autoscrolling by pressing "0" key at phone's keypad.

Multiple selection

It is possible to select group of files by pressing "*" key on the phone's keypad. After this Copy, Move and Delete operation will be applied to the selected files.

Using special keys

Move to first file
Page Up
Move to last file
Page Down
Multiple selection
Toggle autoscrolling

A short desription of the protocol

Unlike list operation, file manager screen issues slightly different commands.

If user chooses FileX in left panel and then chooses MenuItem in menu then command MenuItemL(index_of_FileX,FileX) will be issued.

If user chooses FileX in right panel and then chooses MenuItem in menu then command MenuItemR(index_of_FileX,FileX) willbe issued.

If user selects mutiple files, then a several commands will be issued. The client will send command for each selected file and add "M_" prefix to each command but the last. For example, user want to copy several files from left panel the the right.

Then, the following commands could be issued:


(will be sent for each file, but the last), and the last replay will be:


For details, see cfg-data/Server-mode/fileManager2.cfg file.