Software prerequisites


To use anyRemote it needs to have a PC with bluetooth or Wi-Fi card.


To use anyRemote over bluetooth connection you need to install bluez (Bluetooth protocol stack). You should probably install at least bluez-libs, bluez-libs-devel and bluez-utils packages.

You need to have Glib installed on Your system.

(For embedded systems like OpenWRT there are exists possibility to build anyRemote without Glib).

To use XTest X11 extension you need to install libXtst package.

To use D-BUS you need to install dbus-glib package.

Other suggested software:

If You plan to use anyRemote with JSR-82 compatible phone and upload icons to it then it is strongly suggested (especially for Siemens-S65 users) to use Pngout utility.

If You plan to compile anyRemote form sources you need to install:

If You plan to use GUI front-ends then you need to install: